Profile - Cilloni Verde


Cilloni Verde is a company specialized in the planning, realization and maintenance of private gardens and public green. It works with a dynamic and flexible structure supported by an organizational team and teams of high specialized gardeners, with equipment in the van.

Public works- SOA OS 24 Attestation

It is since some years that we co-operate with local public administration and not for the realization of public works: parks, avenues, parkings, eco-barriers and urban green. As our company has obtained the SOA OS 24 attestation, it is qualified to participate to public contracts for the realization and maintenance of public green.  

People are our company’s soul

Every single collaborator, it does not matter the duty, contributes to the growth of competences and professionalism of the whole group. Our staff, preferably recruited among the holders of the “Istituto Agrario Zanelli” of Reggio Emilia diploma, is highly motivated in the development of its acknowledgement through everyday work.